amazon pay Quiz Answer and Win 1000 as Amazon Pay Balance on 30th Nov. 2017

How to Play

Step - open Amazon App and click on amazon pay quiz banner and click on start, give five simple questions answer

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Question 1 - Which of these payment methods can you NOT use when shopping on ?

Answer - Bitcoins

Question 2 - While paying Cash on Delivery orders, you can now load additional cash or leftover change into your Amazon Pay balance at your doorstep .

Answer - True

Question 3 - You can get up to 20% cashback on loading cash at your doorstep into your Amazon Pay balance. What is the maximum cashback you can avail ?

Answer - Rs. 500

Question 4 - Which of these is NOT a benefit of using Amazon Pay balance ?

Answer - Fits in Your Wallet

Question 5 - Which of the following can you NOT pay for using Amazon Pay ?

Answer - An apartment on the moon

Winner Will be announced by 31 st December