All About Bitcoin What How and Why with our View

Why Not Invest on Bitcoin!

Hello Friends We hear everywhere about bitcoin, bitcoin investment, big profit in short time and more. This type of story run in the market but no one told the full details about bitcoin. They just suggest or push for invest in Bitcoin. But what is the truth, what is bitcoin and what is the risk and future of it. All Questions are in our mind so, today you get all answer from us and our view on Bitcoin. Its only our Personal view nothing else.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which means its available only on virtual mode and we transact online only. This secure as per bitcoin company or maker that it is a future of money. There is no control of government on over bitcoin so its price or worth is not defined. Its price is very uncertain. 

Bitcoin is traded currently as commodity and the price of it increase and decrease on supply or demand basis. When supply go high then price is go down and Demand go high on comparison to supply then the Price of bitcoin is increasing.  Very few online partners of bitcoin accept for their service and products, so its use is very limited.  Online partners who accept bitcoins: Microsoft, Expedia,, PizzaForCoins etc. All are online stores.

Now How We get the bitcoin, bitcoin can easily purchase from Bitcoin Exchange which details is given below. In different country has their different bitcoin exchange or through bitcoin mining. This bitcoin exchange runs by private companies and not control under government companies. 

Many countries declare bitcoin is illegal and no one invest on it. But there no legal action because the all investment is made by individuals on their own risk. If any fraud or default is happened by bitcoin agency then government not responsible for it.

What is Our Opinion – As per our view bitcoin is a not correct thing for investment. Its invent by a individual who control or not control its value, we have no idea. Where Bitcoin is stored or where is its server and that is secure, no idea. 

It’s a fraud or scam which will comes on our eyes soon. Because the inventor who invent bitcoin, is sold on very big price for dollar and he get currency which have some worth. People who invest on bitcoin, they get bitcoin on exchange of dollars or money. And bitcoin have no worth its only game of demand and supply, when its demand goes down then the price will also go down. If you think that it’s a future currency then you are wrong because no government support on it. The inventor only centralizing the money through sale of bitcoin and becomes billionaire. So, if you want to lose your money then, invest on Bitcoin. In short term you may earn some money or huge profit but in long term you lose the money. 

The Authorized Bitcoin Exchange as Per Country Wise:

International Bitcoin Exchange: Bisq, Bitstamp, Bitwage, Kraken, Local Bitcoins;

Europe Bitcoin Exchange: AnyCoin Direct,, BitPanda, BL3P, Paymium, The Rock Trading;

Argentina Bitcoin Exchange: SatoshiTango;

Australia Bitcoin Exchange: Bitcoin Australia, CoinJar, CoinLoft, CoinTree, HardBlock, Independent Reserve;

Brazil Bitcoin Exchange: Foxbit, Mercado Bitcoin, Walltime;

Cambodia Bitcoin Exchange: Bitcoin Cambodia;

Canada Bitcoin Exchange: Bitaccess; Canadian Bitcoins, Quadriga CX, QuickBT;

Chile Bitcoin Exchange: SurBTC;

China Bitcoin Exchange: Huobi, OKCoin;

Costa Rica Bitcoin Exchange: BitMae;

Colombia Bitcoin Exchange: SurBTC;

India Bitcoin Exchange: Coindelta, Coinsecure, Zebpay;

Indonesia Bitcoin Exchange: Bitcoin Indonesia;

Israel Bitcoin Exchange: Bit2C, Bits of Gold;

Italy Bitcoin Exchange: Postebit;

Japan Bitcoin Exchange: BtcBox, Coincheck;

Malaysia Bitcoin Exchange: Luno;

Mexico Bitcoin Exchange: Bitso, Volabit;

Nepal Bitcoin Exchange: Bitsewa;

New Zealand Bitcoin Exchange: Independent Reserve, Kiwi-coin;

Nigeria Bitcoin Exchange: Luno;

Peru Bitcoin Exchange: SurBTC;

Poland Bitcoin Exchange: BitBay;

Singapore Bitcoin Exchange: Luno;

South Africa Bitcoin Exchange: iceCUBED, Luno;

South Korea Bitcoin Exchange: Bithumb, Coinone, Korbit;

Ukraine Bitcoin Exchange: Kuna;

United Arab Emirates Bitcoin Exchange: BitOasis, Karsha;

United Kingdom Bitcoin Exchange: Bittylicious, CoinCorner, Coinfloor;

United States Bitcoin Exchange: Gemini, itBit;

Venezuela Bitcoin Exchange: Cryptobuyer.