Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) is Dangerous for Economy

Article by BABAOFFER

Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) is Dangerous for Economy. How, its full details updated here. Bitcoin trading is increasing and many peoples are invested in Bitcoin. But it's dangerous for economy and we compare with shares, Foreign Exchange and how it's different from all. And it will not give benefit to Economy in Future.  

If anyone say that its same as share and Foreign Exchange and Gold then they are wrong. Because its traded as commodity but its work as currency. Now we Explain everything. Now we talk about share/Gold and others investment products that are traded on exchanges, and their price are increase or decrease because of demand and supply. When we want money for purchasing something then we sale our investment then we convert investment like gold shares into money. When we Sale investment then again demand and supply work and any one buys our investment and we get money. It's not increase Money on the market, means total currency value remain same.  

But in case of Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency, they trade on their exchange and price are increasing or decreasing due to demand and supply. When its price is increase due to demand, then its price of all bitcoins is increased. And they no need to sale on exchange for purchasing anything from market, because its accepted many place for goods. (Then Supply of Bitcoin on Exchange is very limited, Because of This its price increasing) Now it's give EXTRA purchasing power to everyone who hold bitcoins.  its dangerous for Economy, because of this demand of products will be increase. then Inflation will also increase in future.