Google AdSense - Auto ads New Feature - All Details

Google AdSence - Auto ads New Feature - All Details

Hello friends, in this article we discussed about Google Adsense Auto Ads feature, which launched today. In this new auto ads feature blogger or website owners directly benefited by this. Through this new feature website owners will save the time, and no worry about optimization of ads. Because of this new feature so Let's go and know the how this feature work and how can set on website or blog.

Auto Ads is a set of HTML code which we generally use for adding ads on website from adsence. In new feature just paste the code in one time and get all automatic ads in best places of your website. In this feature no expertise is require for optimization and no cut paste the codes everytime. 

How Auto Ads Set on Website or blog:

Step 1: Go to Your Google Adsense Account;

Step 2: Click on My Ads and Select Auto Ads;

Step 3: Enable the Ads Format and Check Automatically get new formats;

Step 4: Click on Save and Get the HTML Code;

Step 5: Go to you Website or Blog and Edit on theme (Edit HTML);

Step 6: Find the and paste the code between and

Step 7: Save the theme and all done.

After Few minutes you can check on your website that different typse of Ads appearing automatically on your website. And after that no more requirement for pasting the code for individual ads.

Group URL 

Now you can ask that, if I want the customization on the ads appearance - can I customize with this feature?

Then our answer is Yes, you can customize it. In this feature you can block or control the types of ads which you want to show on specific page. For example - You want to show on display ads, then you select the url and use the URL Group feature, which help you.

Go to Auto Ads and click on NEW URL GROUP, Now Add the URL where you want to show the specific ads. Then click on next and enable or disable the ADS type which you want to show or block after the saving, you will get the customized ads on that page. You can create a maximum of 500 URL groups.