ALL ANSWERS - Flipkart Women's Day Quiz Contest - Win Flipkart Gift Card

All answers of Flipkart Women's Day Quiz contest is updated here. In this contest you will find ten Quiz with four options. If you complete answers of all quiz correctly then you will eligible for Flipkart Women Day Quiz Contest Lucky Draw. Ten participants will win Rs.500 as Flipkart Gift card. This Flipkart gift cards can be use for future shopping on flipkart.

How to Play and Win Flipkart Womens Day Quiz Contest:

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All Answers of Quiz of Flipkart Women's Day Quiz Contest:

Flipkart Quiz 1. When was Project EVA launched?

Answer. December, 2015.

Flipkart Quiz 2. Clovia is a brand that sells which of the following products?

Answer. Lingerie.

Flipkart Quiz 3. What is Snigdha Majumder’s designation at Flipkart?

Answer. Director – Supply Chain Design.

Flipkart Quiz 4. In which grade was UI engineer at Flipkart, Suvadra Tripathy, encouraged to take a course in basic C++?

Answer. 11th Grade.

Flipkart Quiz 5. According to Rohit Sharma, Supply Chain VP, how many shipments do pickup centers and tech parks account for per day?

Answer. 80-90.

Flipkart Quiz 6. Where is Kanchi Khurana’s firm ‘Cation’ located?

Answer. Najafgarh, New Delhi.

Flipkart Quiz 7. Which of the following magazines called Data Analytics the ‘Sexiest job of the 21st century?’

Answer. Harvard Business Review.

Flipkart Quiz 8. In 2016, by what percentage did women shoppers affect online sales in India?

Answer. More than 35%.

Flipkart Quiz 9. In the initial stage, the Project EVA initiative was extended to ________ hubs.

Answer. 4.

Flipkart Quiz 10. Who among the following is an alumnus of Arizona State University?

Answer. Pooja Ambekar.

Terms and Conditions of Flipkart Womens Day Quiz Contest:
  1. Contest Period of this contest is - 08th March to 14th March 2018. The contest will close on Wednesday, March 14th, 2018, at 1600 hours IST (4 pm).
  2. Ten contestants who complete these steps stand a chance to win Flipkart electronic gift vouchers (EGVs) worth ₹500 each.
  3. Prize of Veterans quiz contest is Flipkart Gift Voucher worth Rs. 500/-. 
  4. Sharing and follow or like the social media is important for participate on lucky draw of this quiz.
  5. Submit the correct details on quiz contest, so that you can receive gift voucher.