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Hello Friends, if your dream is make holiday on space or take a tour of Space, then its will be true. Amazon Riddles quiz contest answer the questions and can win Free Ticket of Space trip. Try your luck may be this time its work and you win the Space trip Ticket.
Amazon Space Riddles quiz answer
Its a simple quiz contest just open the amazon app and find the quiz banner, sign in on amazon app and start the quiz. There some Questions with options which related to space, Give the all answers correctly then you enter on lucky draw. If you selected then you can win Free trip of Space.

If you are thinking that how you find the correct answer then don't worry we updated all the answer of this quiz contest, which updated below.

Answer of Amazon Space Riddle Quiz :

Question 1 of 7
I have a head and a tail but no body. What am I?

An amoeba
A coin

Answer - A coin.

Question 2 of 7
I can be made, played, cracked and told. What am I?

A joke
An egg
A mirror

Answer - A joke.

Question 3 of 7
I come once in a year, twice in a week but never in a day. What am I?

The letter E
Halley's comet
Comet Hyakutake
The Winter Olympics

Answer - The letter E.

Question 4 of 7
I wax, I wane. I am full about every 29.5 days . What am I?

A spa
The Moon
A poet

Answer - The Moon.

Question 5 of 7
I am red. Phobos and Deimos keep me company. Who am I?

Iron dioxide

Answer - Mars

Question 6 of 7
I am the smallest, the hottest and the first in a line of 8. Who am I?

The Moon

Answer - Mercury

Question 7 of 7
I was famously demoted in 2006 and inspired the American Dialect Society's 2006 Word of the Year. Who am I?

A star, the word of the year was 'rockstar'
Asteroid, the word of the year was 'aster'
Pluto, the word of the year was 'plutoed'
An orbit, the word of the year was 'orbiter'

Answer - Pluto, the word of the year was 'plutoed'