ANSWER - Amazon Comfort Fabric Quiz Contest Win 10000/-

All Correct Answers of Amazon Today's Amazon Comfort Quiz Time Contest. Comfort  Fabric Quiz Time is a Lucky Draw contest. If you Give all quiz Answers correctly then you are eligible for lucky draw. Amazon started Comfort Quiz Time Contest on Amazon APP only. There are Total Five Quiz are updated with Four Options and Select only correct answer. All Winners Get Free Rs,10000/- on Amazon Pay Balance. As always, all answer of all Comfort Quiz is Updated by babaoffer. You can Find all answers which given below and direction for how enter into Comfort Quiz Time. Total Twenty Participants will be selected as winner of this contest. Go for it and Try Your Luck.

All Answer of Amazon Comfort Quiz Contest -

Quiz 1- Which of the following is NOT a benefit of using fabric conditioners?

Answer - Makes clothes magnetic

Quiz 2- Comfort fabric conditioners can be used on several types of clothes including woolens, towels, bed sheets and more.

Answer - True.

Quiz 3- The new range of Comfort fabric conditioners specially formulated for baby clothes is called ______. Fill in the blanks.

Answer - Comfort Pure

Quiz 4- Comfort fabric conditioners CANNOT be used in which of the following methods of washing?

Answer - Brainwash

Quiz 5- When washing clothes in a bucket, which of these is the correct way of using Comfort fabric conditioners?

Answer - Soak clothes in Comfort after detergent wash