Amazon Seagate 5TB Hard Disk Quiz Time Contest - ALL ANSWERS

A new quiz time contest has started in Amazon App today. In this quiz contest you can win Seagate 5tb hard drive, when you give the correct answers to all the questions. So you get ready because this contest will continue for only 4 hours. You can call it Seagate 5tb Quiz contest. This will only turn on Amazon App on 30th November 2018 at 8:00 a.m.

Now we have talk about the details of Amazon Seagate 5tb hard drive quiz contest. In this contest you will find five quiz with four options. And one option will be correct. There are no another chance, so if you selected the any wrong answer then you will not eligible for the winning of Seagate 5tb hard drive.

If you are thinking that how you can found the answer of Amazon Seagate 5tb Quiz contest, then don't worry. We update all answer. Just follow the steps and you can be a next who will won the amazon quiz time contest.

Follow the Following Steps to enter into Amazon Seagate 5tb hard drive Quiz Time contest -

Step 1 - Download the latest version of the Amazon app, or update the amazon app.

Step 2 - Open the app and Login or Register on Amazon app.

Step 3 - Now Find the Seagate 5tb hard drive quiz time contest banner .

Step 4 - Now Click on Start Button and Enter into contest.

Step 5 - Select all correct option and complete the all Five quiz of Amazon Seagate 5tb Contest.

Step 6 - After the above step you are eligible for the lucky draw and if you are selected as winner then amazon India will contact you on your registered Email or Phone.

All Answer of Amazon Seagate 5tb hard drive Quiz Contest -

Amazon Seagate 5TB Quiz  1-  Which of these is NOT considered to be a 'macro-nutrient'?

  1. Proteins
  2. Carbohydrates
  3. Fats
  4. Vitamins
Answer - Vitamins

Amazon Seagate 5TB Quiz  2-  'Fugdi' is a folk dance, performed by women dancers forming circles or rows. Which state/region does it come from?

  1. Goa/ Konkan
  2. Punjab
  3. West Bengal
  4. Chhattisgarh
Answer - Goa / Konkan

Amazon Seagate 5TB Quiz  3-  The State Bank of India was previously known as ______

  1. Axis Bank
  2. Imperial Bank of India
  3. Cooperative Bank of India
  4. Syndicate Bank
Answer - Imperial Bank of India

Amazon Seagate 5TB Quiz  4-  What is the national sport of Bangladesh?

Options -
  1. Cricket
  2. Badminton
  3. Kabaddi
  4. Football
Answer - Kabaddi

Amazon Seagate 5TB Quiz  5-  National Milk Day is celebrated in India each year on Verghese Kurien's birthday. When was this recently celebrated?

  1. November 1
  2. November 20
  3. November 26
  4. November 14

Answer - November 26

Other Details - 
  • Amazon Seagate 5tb hard drive contest will start on 30th November 2018 at 8:00 AM and Ends at 12:00 PM.
  • This Contest only available on Amazon India App.
  • Indians who live in India are eligible for the Amazon Seagate 5tb hard drive contest. 
  • Winner of This contest will be selected by lucky draw, which done through automatic computer program. 
  • Only one Participant will be selected as a Winner of Seagate 5tb hard drive.