Amazon Fossil Smartwatch Quiz Time All Answers - 29th January 2019

A new quiz time contest has started in Amazon App today. In this quiz contest you can win Fossil Smartwatch, when you give the correct answers to all the questions. So you get ready because this contest will continue for only 4 hours. You can call it Amazon Fossil Smartwatch Quiz contest. This will only turn on Amazon App on 29th January 2019 at 8:00 a.m.

Now we have talk about the details of Amazon Fossil Smartwatch quiz contest. In this contest you will find five quiz with four options. And one option will be correct. There are no another chance, so if you selected the any wrong answer then you will not eligible for the winning of Fossil smartwatch. 

If you are thinking that how you can found the answer of Amazon Fossil Smartwatch Quiz contest, then don't worry. We update all answer. Just follow the steps and you can be a next who will won the amazon quiz time contest.  

Follow the Following Steps to enter into Amazon Fossil Quiz Time contest - 

Step 1 - Download the latest version of the Amazon app, or update the amazon app. 

Step 2 - Open the app and Login or Register on Amazon app. 

Step 3 - Now Find the Fossil Smartwatch quiz time contest banner . 

Step 4 - Now Click on Start Button and Enter into contest.

Step 5 - Select all correct option and complete the all Five quiz of Amazon Fossil Smartwatch Contest. 

Step 6 - After the above step you are eligible for the lucky draw and if you are selected as winner then amazon India will contact you on your registered Email or Phone. 

All Answer of Amazon Fossil Smartwatch Quiz Contest -

Amazon Fossil Smartwatch Quiz 1 - This actor died in 1984 and also starred in a movie named ‘1984’. Who is he?

Answer - Richard Burton.

Amazon Fossil Smartwatch Quiz 2 - Which famous superhero movie quoted 'With great power comes great responsibility'?

Answer - Spider-Man.

Amazon Fossil Smartwatch Quiz 3 - If you are spotted eating this in Singapore, you will be fined. What is it?

Answer -Chewing gum.
Amazon Fossil Smartwatch Quiz 4- A shrimp's heart is located in it's head.

Answer - True.

Amazon Fossil Smartwatch Quiz 5 - What is the name of the museum in Croatia where one can find displays such as a memory jar, champagne bottle corks and a positive pregnancy test?

Answer - Museum of broken relationships.

Other Details - 
  • Amazon Fossil Smartwatch contest will start on 29th January 2019 at 8:00 AM and Ends at 12:00 PM.
  • This Contest only available on Amazon India App.
  • Indians who live in India are eligible for the Amazon Fossil Smartwatch contest. 
  • Winner of This contest will be selected by lucky draw, which done through automatic computer program. 
  • Only one Participant will be selected as a Winner of Fossil Smartwatch.
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