Answers of Question - Movie Zero

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ZERO Movie Quiz 1- Which movie released on 21st December 2018?

Answer- Zero.

ZERO Movie Quiz  2-What does Anushka's character suffer from in 'Zero'?

Answer- Cerebral Palsy.

ZERO Movie Quiz 3- How is Guddu related to Bauua in the film?

Answer- Best Friend.

ZERO Movie Quiz 4- Bauua refers to Babita as "____ ka sapna."

Answer- Hindustan.

ZERO Movie Quiz 5-Complete the dialogue, "Apne Bhabhi ke naam ki ____ kha lena."

Answer- Biryani.

ZERO Movie Quiz 6- Bauua tells Pandey, “Tum is koyle ki khadaan mein _____ chhupaaye baithe ho!”

Answer- Heera.

ZERO Movie Quiz  7- When Aafia says “Bahut milenge tumhare jaise”, what does Bauua say?

Answer- Humara Jaisa Hi Kyu Chahiye Aapko?

ZERO Movie Quiz 8- Who does Bauua Singh blame for being short?

Answer- His Father.

ZERO Movie Quiz 9- In the first scene of the trailer, where has Bauua come?

Answer- Delhi.

ZERO Movie Quiz 10-What’s the name of the guy at the matrimonial agency?

Answer- Pandey.

ZERO Movie Quiz 11- Complete the dialogue, "___ ke umar mein jo log kunware ghoomte hai na Pandey, unhe baarish se dar nahi lagta."

Answer- Adtees.

ZERO Movie Quiz 12- What does Bauua gift Aafia when they meet?

Answer- Cactus.

ZERO Movie Quiz 13- Which international city is shown in the trailer?

Answer- New York.

ZERO Movie Quiz 14- Complete the dialogue, "Hum jiske pecche lag jaate hai, _____ bana dete hai."

Answer- Life.

ZERO Movie Quiz 15- Who is Zero's editor?

Answer- Hemal Kothari.

ZERO Movie Quiz 16- Where is the song 'Mere Naam Tu' shot?

Answer- Hotel Lobby.

ZERO Movie Quiz 17- What is Bauua holding when he goes to meet Aafia?

Answer- Pigeons.

ZERO Movie Quiz 18- Who does not have a special appearance in the film?

Answer- Aamir Khan.

ZERO Movie Quiz 19- Who does Bauua call Guddu's bhabhi?

Answer- Babita.

ZERO Movie Quiz 20- The voiceover of which actor can be heard in the Eid teaser of 'Zero'?

Answer- Javed Jaffery.

ZERO Movie Quiz 21- Which yesteryear song features in the movie Zero

Answer -Humko Tumpe Pyaar.

ZERO Movie Quiz 22- When is ZERO releasing?

Answer -21 st Dec.

ZERO Movie Quiz 23- Is Bauua Singh married in the movie Zero?

Answer -NO.

ZERO Movie Quiz 24- What is Katrina Kaif's name in the film?

Answer -Babita.

ZERO Movie Quiz 25- Who plays a vertically challenged man in ZERO?

Answer -Shah Rukh Khan.

ZERO Movie Quiz  26- Which music director duo has given the music for Zero?

Answer -Ajay-Atul.

ZERO Movie Quiz 27- SRK and Mohd Zeeshan Ayub have acted together in which film before Zero?

Answer -Raees.

ZERO Movie Quiz 28- Who is playing the role of Aafia Yusufzai Bhinder in Zero?

Answer -Anushka Sharma.

ZERO Movie Quiz 29- Husn Parcham is picturized on which actress?

Answer -Katrina Kaif.

ZERO Movie Quiz 30- What is Bauua Singh's friend's name in Zero?

Answer -Guddu.

ZERO Movie Quiz 31- Which profession does Anushka play in the film?

Answer - Scientist.

ZERO Movie Quiz 32- What colour is Bauua Singh's scooter?

Answer -Blue.

ZERO Movie Quiz 33- Who is the lyricist for the song Mere Naam Tu?

Answer - Irshad Kamil.

ZERO Movie Quiz 34- Rishta ______ ka ab hua hai!

Answer -Baraabari.

ZERO Movie Quiz 35- Which type of men Aafiya likes?

Answer - Ganwaar.

ZERO Movie Quiz 36- Zindagi ______ kisko thi! Hume to jeene thi!

Answer - Kaatni.

ZERO Movie Quiz 37- Which song in Zero features Salman Khan & SRK?

Answer -Issaqbaazi.

ZERO Movie Quiz 38- Jab Tak Jahaan Main ____Hai.

Answer - Subah Shaam.

ZERO Movie Quiz 39- What is there in the background of SRK-Katrina Poster of Zero?

Answer -Ghanta Ghar.

ZERO Movie Quiz 40- What's the name of the solo song picturized on Katrina Kaif

Answer - Husn Parcham.

ZERO Movie Quiz 41- What is the real name of SRK ?

Answer -Shah Rukh Khan.

ZERO Movie Quiz 42- Who’s playing the role of Bauua’s father in ZERO?

Answer - Tigmanshu Dhulia.

ZERO Movie Quiz 43- Which 2 actresses are paired together opposite SRK in ZERO?

Answer - Anushka & Katrina.

ZERO Movie Quiz 44- In which movie does SRK play a vertically challenged man?

Answer - Zero.

ZERO Movie Quiz 45- What character does SRK play in ZERO?

Answer - Bauua Singh.

ZERO Movie Quiz 46- Bauua Singh belongs to which city?

Answer -Meerut

ZERO Movie Quiz 47- Who's playing the role of a Bollywood actress in the movie ZERO?

Answer - Katrina Kaif

ZERO Movie Quiz 48- Who is the director of ZERO?

Answer - Aanand L Rai

ZERO Movie Quiz 49- Who is the singer of the song Mere Naam Tu?

Answer - Abhay Jodhpurkar

ZERO Movie Quiz 50- Which actor makes a special appearance in the song Issaqbaazi?

Answer - Salman Khan

ZERO Movie Quiz 51- Which of these is a song from ZERO?

Answer -Mere Naam Tu

ZERO Movie Quiz 52- Which company has done the VFX for ZERO?

Answer - Red Chillies VFX .

ZERO Movie Quiz 53- What is Bauua Singh's height in the film, ZERO?

Answer - 4 1/2 Feet.

ZERO Movie Quiz 54- Who is the writer of ZERO?

Answer - Himanshu Sharma.

ZERO Movie Quiz 55- What is Bauua's surname in ZERO?

Answer - Singh.

ZERO Movie Quiz 56- What role does Katrina Kaif play in the film?

Answer -Actress/Superstar.

ZERO Movie Quiz 57- What is Bauua Singh's age in ZERO?

Answer - 38.

ZERO Movie Quiz 58- Which actor is seen resting their hand on Bauua's shoulder in the EID teaser?

Answer -Salman Khan.

ZERO Movie Quiz 59- What time does Bauua fall in love with Aafiya?

Answer - 3.45 AM.

ZERO Movie Quiz 60- Who is the producer of ZERO?

Answer - Gauri Khan.