Flipkart Master Stroke Contest - 2nd Innings Answer and Win iPhone Xs Daily

Mastercard is started a Lucky draw contest on Flipkart app. In this contest you can be a winner of Iphone Xs smartphone. Just follow the simple steps and participate on this contest. This contest only for the user of Debit card or Credit Card which powered by mastercard. Mastercard contest is valid till 3rd November 2018. Follow the details which updated below and enter into this contest.

How to Play Master Stroke Contest - 2nd Innings - 

Step 1 - Download Flipkart App.

Step 2 - Log in or Register on Flipkart App.

Step 3 - Find the Master Stroke contest banner.

Step 4 - Enter into contest and Add the Mastercard details.

Step 5 - Answer the questions which answer is updated below.

Step 6 - Every day 1 participant will be selected as winner.

Answer of Questions of Flipkart Mastercard Stroke Contest - 

Quiz 1 - What is the full form of OTP.

Options -
  1. One Time Passport
  2. On Time Pass
  3. One Time Password
  4. Online Transaction Pin
      Answer - One Time Password

      Quiz 2 - Guess the number of people who will participate in this contest today

      Answer - do it yourself. (because it's guess).