Amazon Echo Sub Quiz Time Contest Answers

All Answers of Amazon Echo Sub Quiz Contest just updated by babaoffer. We always try to complete all amazon quiz contest as soon as possible. This quiz contest are starts on amazon on daily and its live for 4 hours (8AM to 12PM). This Quiz active only for today (14th December 2018).

Amazon Echo Sub Quiz Time Contest Answers 14 December 2018

How To Play Amazon Echo Sub Quiz Contest - Just go to Amazon App and Sign in on it. After that you have find Amazon Echo Sub quiz contest banner. Click on the banner and start the quiz contest. Every quiz come with Four option, you should select correct one. Total 5 Quiz are updated on this quiz contest.

All Answer of Amazon Echo Sub Quiz Contest -

Quiz 1- M.K. Gandhi lived in a farm in South Africa named after a famous Russian novelist. Name the author.

Answer - Leo Tolstoy

Quiz 2- Which of these elements is NOT named after a scientist?

Answer- Ruthenium .

Quiz 3- The archeological remains of which institution is found in the vicinity of a town called 'Bihar Sharif' in the eastern part of India?

Answer- Nalanda University.

Quiz 4- One of the oldest sanctuaries in India is the Garampani Sanctuary. Which state is it located in?

Answer- Assam.

Quiz 5- _______ is a philosophical perspective that views the universe and everything in it as a kind of machine made up of connected but distinct parts?

Answer- Mechanism.