How to Reset or Generate ATM PIN - Bank of Baroda Bank ATM Card

How to Reset or Generate ATM PIN - Bank of Baroda Bank ATM Card

Hello friends, if you have new Bank of Baroda ATM Debit card and you want to generate new ATM Pin then read the full details given below.

Today 31st December 2018 and all old debit ATM cards are blocked which are without chip security. Bank is already in process of issuing new Debit card with chip security. All ATM cards are coming without Pre-generated ATM PIN CODE, So all user of it has to generate or reset there ATM Pin.

This change is done by banks on the instruction of RBI. India is adopting digitalization very fast. And online transactions of money transfer are also growing. This growth is generate the risk of security. Old ATM cards are not secured, this card can be easily copied and cloning. So, RBI issued guideline to change old cards with new chip integrated ATM cards.

All things are ok but there big trouble for the bank customers. They are come to branch and ask for the new ATM cards. Bank using old manual ATM card sorting facility, which are wasting the time of customers.
HOW TO GENERATE ATM PIN - For Bank of Baroda ATM Card (Rupay, Mastercard, Visa)

Step 1- Go to the Bank and Get your New Chip integrated ATM Card;

Step 2- Now open the Packet and take out the ATM card.

Step 3- Go to the ATM center of the same bank, which bank's card you have;

Step 4- Insert the Card and Select the language;

Step 5- Now select the option 2 which is set or generate pin

Step 6- After above step ATM will ask your Bank account number enter it and select the option 1 (Correct)

then again re enter the account number.

Step 7- Then ATM will ask for the mobile no. which registered with your bank account.

Step 8- You will now get the SMS from bank, which content 4 digit code;

Step 9- Enter the Code and after that you have to enter 4 Digit ATM pin which you like. Then again re enter the pin.

Step 10- All done, now you had generated New pin for your bank ATM debit card.


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