Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker Button Mobile Enhancement at Lowest Price in India

If you are looking for the Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker Button Mobile Enhancement  device at lowest price, then check below. Panasonic just launched this device in India and this device will secure your important products from stolen. 

Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker come in two model - 
1. Panasonic IC-BCWL01BK Seekit Edge Location Smart Tracker, 
2. Panasonic IC-BCKR01BK Seekit Loop Location Smart Tracker

Buy this Panasonic Seekit Tracker on offer from Paytm Mall. In the lowest price, it's available on paytmmall. Panasonic IC-BCWL01BK Seekit Edge Location Smart Tracker MRP is 1999/- , offer price 1327/- and Panasonic IC-BCKR01BK  Model MRP. is 1499/-, offer price 1078/-. 

How to Buy Panasonic Seekit Smart Tracker- 

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Step 2 - Select the Seekit Tracker Device which model you like,

Step 3 - Use the promo code which shown on paytmmall web page.

Step  4 - After you Pay, you will get cashback on your Paytm Wallet.

So, the Effective price after cashback will lowest price of this device in online market place. 

Product Details -

Get yourself this smart tracker from Panasonic and keep your valuables secure, always. Featuring the separation indicator, this tracker alerts you whenever your valuables get disconnected. It also comes with a last seen feature to help your track your valuables easily.

Separation Indicator and Voice Alert
The separation indicator sends an alert on your smartphone when your valuable disconnects, making it impossible to lose your belongings. The voice alert makes a buzzing sound and it glows, in case you’re forgetting your phone, reminding you to get it back.

Last Seen Location
Even if you somehow missed noticing the separation indicator, you don’t have to worry. You can check where you left your valuables last, conveniently. All you need to do is, open the Seekit app and check the last seen location of your valuables.

Proximity Guidance
This feature guides you towards your lost valuables, saving your valuable time.

Bi-directional Tracking
The Seekit feature lets you find your belongings, without any hassle. Use the Seekit app to make the Seekit ring by pressing the buzz button. You can also use this feature in dark rooms, as it comes with an LED. You can double press the Seekit button to ring your phone, even when it’s on silent mode.

SOS Alert
You can also send an SOS alert along with your GPS location, whenever you sense a threat (it’s subject to the operator's network availability).

Selfie Button
Find the perfect angle and click stunning selfies with the selfie button.

Sharing is Caring
The Seekit app allows you to share your Seekit with your friend. This ensures that, in case of an emergency, your friend can help you find your belongings.

Splash Proof (IP65)
This Seekit device works fine even when it’s raining, as it is water resistant.

Bluetooth 5.0
Enjoy seamless connectivity with the best-in-class Bluetooth technology.
Battery Life
With a battery life of up to 18 months, you don’t have to worry about charging your Seekit.

High/Low Modes
You can activate the high or low mode to suit your needs. In the high mode the ringer gets activated and in the low mode you only get notifications.

Wi-Fi Secure Mode
You can configure and save your preferred Wi-Fi networks on the Seekit app. The app will automatically switch to low mode when it recognizes these networks.

Do Not Disturb/ Pickpocket Mode
Switch on the do not disturb mode, when you want some space. When you’re at a crowded place, such as an airport, you can activate the pickpocket mode.

Crowd GPS
The Seekit community can help you find your lost valuable. If a community member is close to your valuable, you will get the updated location of your valuable.

This product boasts superior quality and it adheres to the quality standards set by Panasonic.

Find Your Phone
You don’t need to own a Seekit device, you can easily download the Seekit app and secure your phone.

This Device App available for  - 
Smartphones which runs on Android 6.0 and above and iOS 9.0 and above.