Alpenliebe Contest - Win Amazon Gift Card Rs.1000/- and Firefox Geared Bicycle

Alpenliebe Contest - Win Amazon Gift Card Rs.1000/- and Firefox Geared Bicycle

Alpenliebe Contest is started on 16th December 2018 and its will continue till 28th February 2019. In Alpenliebe Contest, you can win Rs.1000/- Amazon Gift card or Firefox Fusion 24’ Bicycle.  In every one minute one participant will be selected for the prize of Amazon Gift card and every hour one will be selected for the Firefox Bicycle.

For Participating in Alpenliebe Contest, you have to buy Alpenliebe candy and follow the steps which mentioned below. This contest valid till 28th February 2019 and SMS valid between 9:00AM to 9:00 PM. So when you will made SMS, then beware.

Following Alpenlieble Candy eligible for this offer or contest - 
  • Alpenliebe Gold Rs.1/- Mono (Caramel & Cream Strawberry Flavours); 
  • Alpenliebe Creamfills Rs.1/- Mono (Butter toffee, Lacto flavor, Coffee Toffee);
  • Alpenliebe Stick Pack Rs. 9/- pack (Caramel & Cream Strawberry FLavours), are the ‘Promotion Products’ if they are .
Follow the Steps For Participating in Alpenliebe Contest and Win Amazon Gift Card - 

Step 1- Buy Alpenlieble Candy (Promotional Pack);

Step 2- Check the 4 (Four) Digit code on Behind the candy pack;

Step 3- SMS the 4-digit code behind the candy pack to<87224 87224> (SMS between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM)

Step 4- Stand a chance to win 1 Firefox Geared bicycle every hour and 1 Amazon Pay gift card worth ₹1000 every 10 minutes. 

Step 5- If you won the Amazon Gift Card then they message the Amazon Gift Card Voucher and If you won Bicycle then they contact you for verification.

Prizes of Alpenliebe Contest - 900 Firefox Geared bicycle and 5400 Amazon Gift Card Voucher Worth Rs.1000/-.

Note - Contest not available for the person who resident of Tamil Nadu State. 

Limit of Winning - One participant can win only one Prize, and when he win any prize whether it is Amazon Pay Gift card or Firefox Bicycle, then he will be not get any other prize. So play till you are not selected, if you selected for any prize then not play again.

Contacting Winner - If you will won the any of two prizes, then Alpenlible will contact you by following method -

In the case of winners of Amazon Pay Gift Vouchers/Cards, the Organizer shall intimate the selection of each winning entry by SMS to the mobile number from which that winning entry was received. The Organizer shall endeavor to send each SMS within 2 business days of selection of the winning entry. Maximum one code can be claimed per customer account.

In the case of winners of Firefox Bicycles, winner will receive the SMS and they will have to follow the following steps to claim the prize -

For the claim of Prize, they must submit the following documents, either in the form of scanned copies by e-mail to, or by registered post or courier to:

Alpenliebe Promotion,
BigCity Promotions,
4th Floor, Mitra Towers,
10/4 Kasturba Road,
Bangalore - 560001

The documents should be submitted in the given manner only and the winner will at least 18 years old then submit following document : copy of PAN Card, or A copy of any other government-issued identity document issued and has mentioned  the current residential address; or A copy of winner Aadhaar card. And A copy of winner mobile number proof.

All documents that the Winner has required to submit, must be received by the Organizer within fourteen days. Fourteen days will be count from the date contacted by organizer. 


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