Amazon Mi A2 Quiz Time Contest Answers - Win Prizes

All Answers of Amazon Mi A2 Quiz contest update below. Here Amazon India has asked Five question with four option. Give all correct answer of All question and get a chance to win Mi A2 Smartphone. Mi Quiz will start on 16 January 2019 at 8:00 AM and its ends at 12:00 PM.

Amazon Mi A2 Quiz Time Contest Answers - Win Prizes

This quiz contest (Amazon Mi A2 Quiz) entry is free and any one who resident of India can play Amazon Mi A2 Quiz contest. Amazon Mi A2 Quiz contest is a Lucky Draw contest and one participant will be selected as a winner of Mi A2 Smartphone.

Now you will thinking that only one person will be winner, then what is the chance of winning. Yes you are correct here very less probability to win amazon quiz contest because lakhs of participant take a part on the quiz and no one know who will be a next lucky one. So, my suggestion is- keep trying and play amazon quiz contest on daily basis.

How to Play Amazon Mi A2 Quiz Contest - 

Step 1- Open the Amazon India App and Find the Amazon Mi A2 Quiz Contest Banner;

Step 2- Click on Banner and start the quiz;

Step 3- Select the Correct option and go to next question;

Step 4- After giving answer of all question correctly you get "congratulation message" its means that you are eligible for lucky draw;

Step 5- Now wait for the result and hope that you a next winner of Mi A2 Smartphone.

All Answers of Amazon Mi A2 Quiz Contest - 

Mi A2 Quiz 1- Bile, which aids the digestion of fatty acids, is produced by which organ in the human body?

Answer- Liver.

Mi A2 Quiz 2- 'Triton' is the name of the largest natural satellite of which planet?

Answer- Neptune.

Mi A2 Quiz 3-In November 2018, New Caledonia held an independence referendum at which a majority voted against independence. Which country were they voting to become independent from?

Answer- France.

Mi A2 Quiz 4- 'Borborygmus' is the medical term for what bodily function or condition?

Answer- Stomach rumbles.

Mi A2 Quiz 5- Which state recently launched the 'One Family, One Job' scheme which entitles one government job for every family in the state?

Answer- Sikkim.

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