All Answer of Amazon Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Quiz Contest - Check Now

All Answer of Amazon Today Quiz contest are just updated here. This Quiz name is Amazon Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Quiz Contest and it's has started on the series of Amazon Daily quiz contest. There updated five questions which related to general knowledge, give the all correct answer and win the prize.

In this amazon Quiz contest You can win Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch, they will charge nothing for the Fitbit Smartwatch. This quiz available for limited period, so don't be late find the quiz contest on Amazon app or follow the instruction given below.

How to Play Amazon Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Quiz - 

Step 1- Open Amazon App;

Step 2- Find the Daily quiz contest banner;

Step 3- Click on start and enter in to contest;

Step 4- Select all correct answer and become a eligible for lucky draw;

Step 5- if you are selected on lucky draw then you will get Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch as Prize of this contest.

All Answer of Amazon Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Quiz Contest - 

Quiz 1- Who was the first president of the USA?

Answer- George Washington

Quiz 2- The soldiers who protected Roman emperors were called _____. Fill in the blanks.

Answer- Praetorian Guard.

Quiz 3- Eugenics is the study of _______.

Answer- altering human beings by changing their genetic components.

Quiz 4- When is the International Day of Families celebrated?

Answer- May 15.

Quiz 5- Which famous superhero movie quoted 'With great power comes great responsibility'?

Answer- Spider-Man.