Redmi Note 8 Pro Exclusively launch on Amazon India, Why not in Flipkart ?

Today in this article we are discussed about the Launching of Redmi  Note 8 Pro exclusively on Amazon, Why Not launched on Flipkart.

Every one who knows about the Redmi Note Series, that its always exclusively launch on Flipkart. Whether it is Redmi Note 5 Pro, 6 Pro or 7 Pro, but not this time, why it is launched on Amazon India. We can give the answer of this question very easily but before giving the answer we have to understand about the feature of Redmi Note 8 Pro. 

Artificial Intelligent is developing very fast and every company want to    develop the same fast and AI enabled devices. In AI Business leading company are Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon. Apple use AI which name is Siri and apple use this on Apple phone and notebooks, similarly Google use Ok Google and Microsoft Cortana on there devices which are android or Windows enabled. But Amazon AI Alexa which not available on Phone Devices because there no operating system for this AI.

After the getting some interesting fact now we move about the feature of Redmi Note 8 Pro. It's first smartphone which launch in India which support Alexa AI. Now you can control all devices through Redmi Note 8 Pro with the support of Alexa like TV, Setup Box, Air Conditioner, Smart Light or any Devices which control trough IR blaster. IR Blaster is control through Alexa Voice command, so when you give the instruction to Alexa, than it control IR Blaster.

So it's corporate nature that we cannot support the product or services of the rival company. Flipkart's no 1 competitor in India is Amazon and Alexa is Amazon's AI Service and the Redmi Note 8 Pro is Alexa Enabled device. So that's why, first time Redmi Note Pro Series is Launched on Amazon and Not on Flipkart.