Coronavirus COVID-19 - JAMSHEDPUR Jharkhand Update

As Per the recent updates, Coronavirus infection become a serious matter for all of us. In everyplace of India and World is either lock down or in the process of it. In Jamshedpur which is a steel capital of the India is also in trouble. The Situation is like a lock down and every store which not essential for daily life is closed and meeting of people is banned. No one understand or not get the information when the situation will come under control. 
In Jamshedpur today (23rd March), from  morning every person only do the one job, which is stock up the essential food items, which necessities of our life. Public transport is suspended till the 31st March and I also want to update that it may be chance to further extend. 

List of Services and Stores which Running in Coronavirus Lock Down Situation - 
  1.  Medical Service.
  2. Medical Stores.
  3. Grocery Stores.
  4. Petrol and Gas Pumps.
  5. Electricity service.
  6. Police and Fire Service.
  7. Banking Service.
Following above services are remain active and work without any interruption. But I want to mention that if you have not very much health problem then avoid the visits of Medical or Hospital Places. In Jamshedpur, Airways service is not available and also Railway and Inter State Bus Services also suspended till 31st March. Due to over demand of food items and problems in Transport service due to lock down people may face the crises of Food items. We talk with many shopkeeper they said that the demand of Rice, Flour, edible oil, Potato, onion and salt is more than other items. Jamshedpur is one of the big city of Jharkhand State and here no case of COVID-19 but due to precaution the Chief Minister Lock Down declare in Jharkhand From 23rd March to 31st March. 


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